“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

The wonderland of Aladdin” – A dance theatre presentation by the Primary wing learners of GDGPS saw students presenting a well-known West Asian folk tale from The Tales of Arabian Nights. The story revolves around Aladdin, the protagonist and his run-in with the genie, Princess Jasmine and their adventures involving the magic lamp. The saga not only took the audience back to their childhood wonderland but also brought them abreast with the depiction of Aladdin's life. Children rocked the stage with their amalgam of rich Indian and Arabian dance forms. The wonderful diction, fluency, theatrical skills, confidence, coordination, dance moves and performance on the invigorating songs mesmerized the audience leaving them thunderstruck with the magnitude of the energy and skills which were displayed by our very own talented Goenkans.

The event was graced with the presence of Chairman Mr Vipul Garg who addressed the audience and motivated the students to dream big and continue to pursue perseverance and discipline in all their endeavours. Esteemed senior members of the management Mr T R Garg and Sachdev Sir also graced the occasion and applauded the students for their spectacular performances.

Principal, Mrs Anuradha Handa in her speech shared the meritorious achievements of our students and motivated the students and parents with her words of zeal and enthusiasm. She emphasized the need to be strong and persistent to chase and attain one’s goals, objectives and dreams.

The event concluded with a Vote of Thanks by Headmistress Mrs Srishti Bajaj who thanked the parents, students and staff for presenting a beautiful show woven together with threads of diligence, determination of the students and teachers culminating into a grand spectacle.

The Annual day, a splendid blend of dance and drama brought a beautiful climax to the various enriching events held throughout the year. We have transferred our vision of believing and fulfilling our dreams to the children. The students are now empowered to pursue all their dreams and making them a reality.