(AUGUST 9 TO 13, 2021)

Learners of Primary wing celebrated the rich heritage of their motherland India by learning about the glorious festivals, traditions and culture through the week, August 9-13. The week long celebration culminated on August 14 with a special assembly based on the theme ‘India’ presented by the learners of Primary wing. 

The spirited participation of the students lit the festive aura with the spirit of love, devotion and faith. The important lesson of celebrating unity in diversity and encouraging goodwill was conveyed loud and clear.

With Art Integrated approach, the students depicted their interpretation of the culture and traditions of India in a variety of forms varying from storytelling, power point, craft making, share and express etc.

To highlight the grandeur and magnificence of India, illustrative presentations and interesting information and knowledge was disseminated across the students. The Head Mistress, Ms. Srishti Bajaj, conveyed to the students, the significant message of exhibiting patriotism and essaying their fundamental duties as a responsible citizen of this nation.