It is through play that children at a very early age engage and interact in the world around them. The GDGPS team has graciously come forward to bring happiness to the children in the school by creating a Mini Fun World - a Play Area wherein children can experience unstructured play.

May 17, 2022 was an exciting day for the young learners at GDGPS who enjoyed their day in the open to witness the inauguration ceremony of their new playfield. The school Principal Mrs Anuradha Handa and Headmistress Mrs Srishti Bajaj along with the children cut the ribbon that unlocked the key for all to enter the world of Joy. What a wonderful moment it was indeed, eagerly awaited by one and all. Smiles and joy filled the campus as everyone entered the play area creatively set up for the little children.

The ceremony attracted a lot of cheerful vibes, as a special event was also conducted where our young champs left no stone unturned to showcase their energetic spirit. Among the attendees were some of the parents who inaugurated the playfield to promote the spirit of sportsmanship and participated in fun activities organized for them. 

The young learners can now enjoy a nicer and more colorful play area as necessary conditions have been created for children to develop their gross motor skills. 

The play area design not only compliments the elegance of the facility but also adds lots of fun and enjoyment. In terms of variety of games, there’s something for everyone: climbing frames, swings, bridges, see- saw and of course slides.

This step accentuates our commitment to promote and develop the sporting abilities right from the age of 3 years and above and is aimed at creating a child-friendly safe place dedicated to improve the gross motor skills of all young children at the school.