(MARCH 03 TO 08, 2021)

As we head towards the start of new academic session 2021-2022, the Parent Orientation Program was planned starting from March 03 to 08, 2021, in a different way. Most of the new admissions were online. There had been no in-person engagement with new parents. Therefore, the orientations and inductions were planned so that the parents and students could visit the school personally, see different areas of the school and interact physically with the incharges or the teachers.

Following all safety protocols, all the new parents visited school as per their scheduled date and time. The purpose of these sessions was to make a smooth transition of the new learners to the school and to familiarize the parents with the school’s philosophy, vision, specialized areas, special programmes, resources and teaching methodologies. During the session, Junior Wing Headmistress, Ms. Srishti Bajaj enlightened the parents with innovative teaching methodologies that are used in different dedicated areas and apprised them with the learning environment in the school. She also made the parents aware of the changing scenario in education, the culture and working atmosphere of the school, the plans for systematic implementation of the hybrid model and emphasized upon the pivotal role played by the parents in the learning of children as well as in helping them to tide over the rough waters of the pandemic we are in.

The program culminated with the parents taking a round of all the studios and children participating in strategically planned activities in the specialized areas. Beams of joy and excitement were visible on the faces of children and parents alike as they anticipate a fruitful journey with the school ahead.