(JULY 13 & 20, 2022)

The CEO’S Of Tomorrow

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” - E. Roosevelt

IDM for the students of grade IX, led by the school counselor Dr. Dipti Yadav on 13th July 2022, expounded on the importance of leadership skills and being prepared for the same. This interactive and engaging session witnessed an open forum discussion on the tenets of being a leader, qualities required to nurture the ‘can do’ attitude and ways and means to develop strong leadership qualities within ourselves. The students were taken through the life-journey of some of the famous public figures and the session enabled the audience to brainstorm about the thrust of the leadership abilities of these personalities which propelled them into world leaders. The students were also handheld into exploring the relevance of being a team leader on macro and micro levels and tips were shared on how to enhance effective communication skills, critical and creative thinking skills, conflict resolving skills among many more as leadership skills. The session was culminated by the sharing of a questionnaire by Dr. Dipti which the students were expected to fill as a follow-up activity.

The gathering of class IX students for the IDM session held on 20th July 2022 was centred around exploring the career options in the subject of Commerce with a view to give the students an overall view and exposure to the probabilities of their future subject choices and resultant careers. This session was led by the school counselor Dr. Dipti Yadav and two in-house teachers as subject experts. This insightful session began by the subject experts bursting the stereotypical myths about Commerce as a subject followed by a content summary of the subject in both 11th and 12th. This was coupled with an exposure of the students to Business Studies as a subject in the senior classes leading to mass interest generation among the students who were benefited by the inputs being shared. Students were gilded about their options in the field of Commerce post class 12th, possible career options branching into various fields, stipulated reimbursements based on the Commerce -based careers and the admission process after class 12th for choosing the correct institute for higher education. The session ended on the reiteration of the set of key skills required for the building of professional relationships, good communication skills and so forth.