(DECEMBER 08, 2022)

“What matters is not what we teach; it’s what they learn, and the probability of real learning is far higher when the students have a lot to say about both the content and the process.” - Alfie Kohn

Engaging the students and providing them the spotlight to lead has been the motto at GDGPS, Sector 48. The IDM session held on 8th December 2022 was a delightful, interactive and engaging example of the same. This session, titled ‘Upcoming and Promising Fields in Technology’, held for class IX, in the Conference Hall, was curated by three future technologists- in-the-making of class IX and was exclusively student-led. Leading the session with AV aids, the students introduced their peers to the upcoming opportunities and promising careers in the field of technology. They shared their own personal accolades on ground zero regarding their own initiatives in the field and inspired the students to gain an insight into the evolving world of tech-gadgets and innovations through AI and ML samples, ChatBot and the upward evolving techniques through a driverless car. 

The student -led team also apprised their peers regarding the various branches of careers they could choose in the field of technology, the colleges hosting related courses and the remunerations attached to each branch. This was an interactive session wherein the audience shared their queries and experiences. The Principal of the school, Ms Anuradha Handa, joined by the Headmistress, Ms Shalini Tandon, appreciated the student-team for their initiative and urged the audience to explore their interests, identify their passions and tune them as early as they could, believe in hands-on engagements and inspired them to start dreaming, reflecting and in due course achieving on a prism of a well balanced work and happiness quotient. This session was an eye-opener for the students and inspiring for them to take the next initiative.