(JANUARY 22, 2021)

IDM is a unique programme of G D Goenka Public School, Sector 48, Gurugram, which creates opportunities for holistic learning and growth. Important life skills training and Adolescent Education is an integral component of this programme which empowers young learners to deal with challenges of life in an efficient manner.

As part of Adolescent Education Programme, students of grade IX attended a session on substance and drug abuse. The school cinema movie ‘INSIDER’ was screened. The movie threw light on lives of four habitual drug users who had quit their addiction. It made the students identify the possible causes and consequences of drug abuse. The session was highly impactful as students could discuss the causes, consequences and preventive steps to deal with substance abuse.

As a follow up activity, students participated in a quiz and discussion on addiction and how it is perceived and how it can be prevented. Students created beautiful collages on the issue using Jam Board. The session was appreciated by the students.