(APRIL 15, 2024)


The first IDM session for class XII was held 15 April 2024 under the guidance and leadership of the school Principal, Ms.Anuradha Handa. The session which spoke mostly about the process of research for the students for their entry into colleges and courses of their choice, was led senior teachers of the school.

The session began by introducing the topic - ‘How to research for legitimate universities and courses’ by taking the students on a virtual tour of the Ashoka University by logging onto their website.  Then the courses offered by universities and colleges and their websites, which were termed as the primary sources of information - were displayed in the presentation.  The best possible way of sourcing this information is through intense communication with the secondary source of information by talking to the school alumni, peers and friends across.  She further reiterated that the research also included the type of extra-curricular activities each of the universities or colleges were offering as the placement agencies were laying more importance on holistic education and development of the candidate than mere academic scores. 


Ms.Anuradha Handa, in her talk, also laid stress on the fact of building up an overall strong portfolio, constantly looking for opportunities to develop holistically, where leadership and communication skills held a very strong key.


The session ended by the teachers present there, sharing their personal experiences in the choice of courses, choosing the right course, looking for scholarship opportunities and making the most of the campus life, to be ready for professional life ahead.