(MAY 06, 2022)

The IDM meeting for class XII was held in the conference room on May 06, 2022.  The agenda of the meeting was to give specific inputs to the research teams for making their presentations innovative, interesting and insightful.  The meeting was held under the guidance of Dr. Dipti Yadav, the school Principal and the school counsellor, helping the students to mould their presentations. 

The students were asked to take care of the following points:

  • Data based inferences 

  • Common points of information with regard to hostels,  fees, food facilities in addition to the admission procedures. 

  • An element of Theatre during the presentations 

  • Internships required 

  • Part time jobs available for the universities abroad

  • Climatic conditions of the place 

  • Famous alumni /alumnus of the University

  • Scope of new facets of the programme

  • Newer disciplines of the old programme

The meeting concluded with the group leaders taking notes of the points mentioned and realizing the need to rework on their presentations.