(APRIL 02, 2022)

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

- Charles Darwin

  Transition from the middle school to the secondary school is representative of not only academic growth but holistic growth as well. This academic - socio- emotional transition from class 8th to class 9th was celebrated with the much awaited welcoming back of the Goenkans to the studios with an year-end integrated presentation of ICLP, that is, Integrated Creative Learning Program and a bridge session post the presentations titled 'Transition to the Secondary Years' headed by the school principal, Ms Anuradha Handa. The ICLP presentation was a creative merging of the scholastic with music, drama, arts and theatre on an offline mode.

 With the theme of ICLP being 'Environment', all the integrated presentations were not only aligned with scholastic modules but were also inter-twined to raise the awareness about the same. The ICLP presentations in the studios were applauded by the visiting parents, who were then guided towards the school auditorium for an in-depth bridge session about the forward journey of transition and transformation of the students from the middle to the secondary school. The highlight of the session was the introduction of the parents and the transitioning students to not only the path ahead in terms of opportunities, goals and rigour but also to an in-house curated program called IDM which translates to ‘I Discover Me’. IDM, a progressive program curated by the school’s Principal, based on career counseling, is a journey of self-discovery for the students upon transitioning to class 9th. This presentation set the stage for the excitement for the transitioning students, post the ICLP presentations.