Technology is becoming increasingly important in everyone’s life. More so after the COVID-19 Pandemic. It is imperative that students learn to manage the increasing dependence on technology and make intelligent use of media and technology. Students of grade IX attended sessions on this issue on August 04, 2021. A thought-provoking children's film by LXL Ideas- School Cinema "Life Calling" was screened for them. The movie helped the students’ become more aware of the advantages and disadvantages of technology, behaviours that indicate technology addiction and impact of excess time spent on gadgets - on family life, on outdoor activities, on health, on hobbies, etc. 

It also helped them practice important life skills of decision making and critical thinking. Students filled up reflection sheet given in the school cinema workbooks as a follow up activity. They filled a small survey of their technological usage on Quizziz and felt more inclined to make efforts in the direction of digital well-being.

Another special session of IDM was conducted on the same day for students of grade X. Their own class mate Panav Minocha and his mentor Mr Lakshay Kumar took the session and shared insights about being a published author. 

Mr Lakshay is a young professional and easily created that connect with the audiences. He shared how he started writing as a medium of expression and how he is able to balance his professional work and studies as a CA finalist, along with his content creation and development work. He guided students to prioritize the work and guided to be true to oneself while expressing using any medium, whether writing, you-tubing or podcasting. 

Panav shared his journey and how he got into writing and successfully got his first book published. He shared the useful insights about the self publishing and other options available while guiding everyone to be authentic and true in their writing.

The session was very much liked by the audience and students were inspired and motivated to know the experiences and journey from both the speakers.