(JUNE 09, 2021)

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

House system is an integral part of every school. It is established to create smaller communities within our larger student body, to help students experience a greater sense of belonging as part of a team, and to foster character development. The House System was introduced on June 09, 2021 for the session 2021-22. Students were taken through the complete procedure of the house system and were updated about the cyclic movement of the house activities for the session. The aim of the House System is to engage the Goenkans in a diverse range of activities, to encourage vertical interaction and healthy competition, to develop a sense of community cohesion, to boost leadership qualities, to show compassion for other people and enthuse team spirit.

The students of each house will be divided into three groups named- Higher, Brighter, Stronger. The students will be moving in the cyclic pattern of Literary, Science and Technology and Art and Culture based events. Each Cycle will be a four-week cycle in which students will be apprised of the rules and guidelines of the competition in the first week, following week will be the skill enhancement session, prelim round and the final round. All students will have the opportunity to earn House points for their House; House Points are at the heart of our all through reward system. The House system will ensure that the young Goenkans put forth their best foot forward and make their house proud.