(JANUARY 12, 2021)

A Heritage Training Webinar was organised by INTACH focussing on Multi-Faced Heritage of Gurgaon and Heritage Awareness for school teachers of Delhi & NCR on January 12, 2021. The session was conducted by Major Atul Dev, Convenor, INTACH Gurugram Chapter followed by an overview and understanding by INTACH Hecs, Principal Director, Ms Purnima Dutt.

This programme was specially designed to train the teachers so that they are able  to run the Heritage Clubs in their respective schools as well as conduct other Heritage Studies with the students. The programme offered the ideas, suggestions and exercises to engage the students on the above mentioned theme with the support of INTACH and Heritage experts.

During the programme, various heritage sites were shared in an interesting manner, and teachers were encouraged to involve their students to recognise, appreciate and adopt their city’s heritage.  Issues associated with protection & upkeep of Heritage sites were discussed, and thereby suggesting activities/sessions to be taken up with the students for the upkeep of Heritage sites.