The Growing Up session for the girls and boys of grade-IV was conducted on July 25, 2022 to help the children understand and cope up with the physical and emotional changes that occur during their growing up years, while acknowledging and addressing their curiosity and related concerns about the same. The experience of growing up is a confusing phase of isolation, worry and anxiety. With the aim to provide clarity and boost self-confidence, the Head Mistress of GDGPS, Primary Wing, Ms. Srishti Bajaj and the School Counsellors curated two separate sessions for the young boys and girls of Class IV. 

Ms Bajaj, shed light on the emotional, physical and psychological changes children undergo during this crucial phase of life and gave a detailed insight on the series of transformations that our body’s anatomy deals with. The learners openly discussed their fears and complexities. The session helped them provide a safe space to process their thoughts and emotions, where they were treated with empathy, dignity and respect.