(FEBRUARY 13, 2021)

‘Homecoming means coming home to what is in your heart’ 

Towing the lines of strict upkeep of the Covid protocols, the Middle Wing of G D Goenka Public School, Sector 48, Gurugram, threw open its doors for a warm welcome to the Goenkans of classes 6th and 7th on February 13, 2021. With immaculate adherence to the safety and health measures being taken right from the entrance of the school, keeping a record of the consents received from the parents and to ensuring to the norm of social distancing with the school premises, the Middle Wing Headmistress and the mentors welcomed the excited Goenkans who made way into their classrooms which awaited them.

The parents and students were handheld into understanding the various academic and Covid related protocols being undertaken by the school. They were upgraded about the upcoming examination and the revision schedule. The excitement of all was palpable upon being welcomed by the school Principal, Ms. Anuradha Handa, and her wishes for witnessing the same buzz that was there in the corridors with the students in the pre-Covid times.

The presentations in the classroom was followed by sessions in the activity studios and sports presentations in the school field which witnessed the children get involved in carefully crafted static and dynamic warm-up routines like dance workouts, cross leg jumps, squats, jumping jacks, trunk rotation, lunges, turning and twisting and the game of Country Game. The students and parents, alike, expressed their wish to be back to school again and acknowledged the safety protocols being observed in the school. This reposition of faith, trust and love from the parents and the Goenkans made this homecoming an emotional journey for all to reminiscence by.