(APRIL 01, 2024)



"Celebrating the Joy of New Beginnings: Fun Day at GDGPS, Sector 48"


GDGPS, Sector 48 welcomed its newest members with open hearts on April 1st, 2024. The junior wing of the school transformed into a festive wonderland, bedecked with colorful balloons that welcomed the young arrivals into their new educational home.


The day commenced with warm greetings from the faculty, who guided the newcomers through an introduction to the school and their mentors. To infuse the atmosphere with even more joy, the teachers planned a series of special activities designed to captivate and delight the young Goenkans. From music and dance to theatre and sports, every child found something to cherish in the vibrant array of offerings. Stepping into activity studios, the students embarked on a journey of exploration and enjoyment, immersing themselves fully in each session. As laughter echoed through the corridors and smiles adorned every face, it was evident that the day had indeed lived up to its promise of fun and excitement.


As a parting gesture, each child received a welcome gift and a balloon to take home—a tangible reminder of the love and warmth that awaited them at GDGPS, Sector 48. The sight of happy faces, both among the students and their mentors, served as a heartwarming testament to the success of the session commencement.