(OCTOBER 14, 2022)


An educational field trip to Tau Devi Lal Biodiversity Park in Sector 52, Gurgaon was organized for the learners of GDGPS, sector 48. The park is spread across 2 acres housing diverse species of plants both endangered and other forms along with a variety of birds. The visit helped in observing and identifying the effect of environmental changes such as pollution, smog etc. on the life of a natural setting of both plant and animal forms. The students were engaged in collection of different plant forms and observing nature around them. They also inferred that biodiversity is soul for life and each life is important. They were sensitized towards nature appreciation and conservation. The nature walk through the park has encouraged qualities of leadership, exploration and nature observation among the students

It was a fun filled trip for students as well as a learning experience as they introspected how; they as youth can help in contributing towards the environment and make a small difference by conserving and preserving the nature for a better tomorrow.