(JUNE 07 TO 11, 2021)

Earth and its environment has become the most discussed issue, the world over. In order to generate awareness and sensitize the learners about Mother Earth and its valuable resources, GDGPS Sec-48, celebrated environment Week from June 07 to June 11, 2021 through an array of activities via virtual platform. The activities included orientation and briefing sessions where the students displayed their creative streak and used innovative ideas to create awareness about the world around us. Learners of classes NUR to V participated in activities such as making paper bag out of newspaper, Earth saviours story narration, making of wrist bands, headgears and badges sending the message to save environment. 

Students learnt and shared their views and opinions about the measures we can take to protect our environment through interactive presentations. They suggested ways and measures to combat the problems of global warming and issues like sustainable development through share and express activity. They were also engaged in flip teaching on the topic national parks and sanctuaries to share how our government is taking measures to protect the natural habitats of animals. The week-long celebration instilled the love for Mother Earth in our learners and taught them to nurture and value its resources like fresh air to breathe, water to drink, abundant sunshine as priceless gifts to humanity.