(MAY 06, 2021)


The webinar was streamed live on May 6 under the aegis of NPSC in collaboration with the CBSE to give clarity to the participating schools of the CBSE, the assessment criteria for class X in lieu of the cancelled board examinations, 2020-21.


The opening of the webinar was done by Ms. Malini Narayanan, Chairperson, NPSC.  She welcomed the CBSE Chairman, Mr. Manoj Ahuja, who lauded the efforts of the school leaders and school teachers in keeping the learning process alive. Later during the webinar, Dr. Sanyam Bhardwaj, Director - Examinations, CBSE was introduced to the audience by Dr. Anju Tandon, Vice chairperson, NPSC. Dr. Bhardwaj, in his opening remarks, paid homage to the teachers who had lost their battle with COVID.


Dr. Bhardwaj said that the new assessment criteria was formulated with quite a few factors and was a test of honesty and excellence for all the participating schools and hoped that the formula for the formulation of the marks was carried out in all fairness. He later elaborated the process, the committees, the teachers who would be selected as internal and external members of the committee and the rationale of calculating the marks of each and every student of the school.  He explained in detail in the moderation of the marks, how to make use of the base year percentage for the moderation of the marks, the percentage of students in a certain category, the declaration of the result etc.


The questions by the participating members were put forward to Ms. Aditi Mishra and Ms. Asha Prabhakar which were answered by Dr. Bhardwaj. There were around 75000 participants in the webinar across India.