(APRIL 18, 2024)


Class II A conducted a captivating assembly on the theme "Earth Day - Save Earth and its Resources." The assembly commenced with the recitation of the Lord's Prayer, followed by the School Prayer and the School Anthem, setting a solemn and respectful tone for the event.


The highlight of the assembly was the insightful dialogues delivered by the students on the importance of conserving natural resources. They eloquently articulated the significance of protecting the environment and discussed practical ways to contribute towards this noble cause. Their speeches were well-researched and delivered with confidence, showcasing their understanding and commitment to environmental conservation.


Adding vibrancy to the assembly, a mesmerizing dance performance was presented, depicting the beauty of nature and the urgency of preserving it for future generations. The choreography was executed with grace and precision, captivating the audience and conveying a powerful message of environmental stewardship.


Headmistress Mrs. Harmeet Kaur addressed the students in the end, commending their efforts and emphasizing the significance of their role in preserving the environment. In conclusion, Class assembly on Earth Day served as an inspiring platform to raise awareness about the importance of environmental conservation.