(APRIL 19, 2024)


Class KG A hosted a delightful assembly centered around the theme "Earth Day - Preserving Our Planet's Beauty." The assembly commenced with the recitation of the Lord's Prayer, followed by the School Prayer and the School Anthem, setting a solemn and respectful tone for the event.


Adding vibrancy to the assembly was a heartfelt rendition of rhymes & dialogues followed by a foot tapping dance, instilling a sense of joy and camaraderie among the young participants.


Throughout the assembly, the children's enthusiasm to perform was palpable, as they actively participated in every segment with infectious energy and joy. Their eagerness to make a positive impact on the environment was evident in their words and actions, inspiring everyone present to take meaningful steps towards protecting our planet.


Headmistress Mrs. Harmeet Kaur addressed the students in the end, commending their efforts and emphasizing the significance of their role in preserving the environment. In conclusion, the assembly on Earth Day served as a heartwarming celebration of nature's beauty and a reminder of our collective responsibility to safeguard it.