(APRIL 26, 2022)

The Earth is a fine place and worth fighting for.” - Ernest Hemingway

Earth Day is celebrated worldwide on 22nd April as a solemn pledge to protect the environment and support biodiversity. GDGPS, Sector -48, Gurugram, upholding its pledge for the same, celebrated the Earth Day along with the young environmentalists of Goenka with a power packed and meaningful message based on the day through an assembly on 26th April 2022 in the school’s auditorium. 

The student-led assembly commenced with a welcome note followed by the ceremonial obeisance to the Almighty for all the bounties received by us in the form of the beautiful biodiversity we live in and sustain ourselves on this Earth. The prayer was followed by The Thought of the Day which reiterated the importance of Earth Day and the need to nurture it. The next step forward was an immensely relevant and powerful video revisiting the fact that we need to take an urgent note of the eroding protective cover on Mother Earth due to our negligence and how it can be restored for future generations, lest she decides to take away her resources from us. While the audience absorbed the powerful impact of the video, the next to follow up was a dance and then a song performance based on Earth Day and its importance. The next performance was by the ‘Goenka Ki Toli’ who came up with a social message based on how we need to put aside our greed for the needs of Mother Earth, through an engaging ‘nukkad natak’. 

The assembly culminated with school Principal’s address followed by the address by the Headmistress who once again implored the audience to keep the best interests of Mother Earth on their mind, not only on Earth Day, but always.