Earth Day



Love the Earth as you would love yourself.


World Earth Day is celebrated in honour to save our motherland. Every year we celebrate it on 22nd April to remind ourselves and to create awareness regarding what needs to be done to safeguard our planet so that it will remain healthy, green and clean in the future. The theme of the Earth day for the year is to “Restore our Earth” and pertaining to this theme various activities were organised at GDGPS, Sec 48., Gurugram.


The students presented thought of the day/poems/skits/songs/role plays/dance related to the sensitivity towards the environment. Earth Day related craftwork was done by the learners. Mentors and learners dressed up in vibrant costumes depicting the colours of earth with various props. The main objective was to help children understand the balance of nature and spread awareness and message to save the environment.


The students were encouraged to adopt a healthier way of life and work for a better environment. They learnt a lot about the environment through these engaging activities and participated with enthusiasm.