(APRIL 13, 2022)

A curtain raiser session was held under the able guidance of Principal, Mrs. Handa for the students of classes IX, X AND XII .  The main objective of the curtain raiser was to familiarize the children with the core concept of the IDM - I Discover Me - an indigenous programme of the school wherein the students go through an exploration trip of their interests, aptitude, prospects to make the correct choice of subjects in class XI first and later to arrive at a decision of the choices of graduate programmes post class XII. 

Mr. Srinivasan , the resource person who holds the distinction of being the co founder of the Career Launcher, held a lively interactive session with the students , encouraging them to find answers to their various facets of personna and arrive at an informed decision.  He emphasized on being on an eternal quest of exploration, all the while taking the profession as more of a passion where one is never tired of working towards a goal.  Through various puzzles, riddles and motivational references and preferred choices,  Mr. Srinivasan exhorted the students to know the difference between interests and enjoyment, thus proving the worth of the programme of IDM .