(JUNE 19, 2021)


                      "There is little success where there is little laughter."

                                                                               - Andrew Carnegie (Entrepreneur)


When co-workers bond with each other like family, is when magic is created at the workplace.  ‘CONNECT’ is a GDGPS Sec-48, tradition which aims to bring together the families of all staff members to create a lasting connection and a lifelong bond. ‘CONNECT 2021”, was organised on June 19, 2021. It had to conducted online due to the pandemic, but the enthusiasm remained high, and everyone logged in on time with their family members.


The theme of the show was ‘Happiness’. The entire show was created and presented by the members of the school activity team, with full support from the IT and Art Department.  The show was attended by Sachdeva Sir, a senior member of the school management as the Chief Guest. The ball was set rolling by the Principal, Ms Anuradha Handa, who was present with her spouse. She spoke about the tradition of “CONNECT”, and showered praises on the staff for their efforts. She reiterated that the team of GDGPS Sec-48 is a family.


The show commenced with a heart-warming poetry and mime presentation which once again focussed on how the members of GDGPS Sec-48 are a family. This was followed by a musical invocation to the Almighty rendered in the melodious voice of Ms Padmini. Soon the fun and games started. The myriad departments of the school were assigned different names and whoever won was promised an award at the end of the session. The first was a Bollywood themed game, in which not only had the film and the actors to be identified, but the song depicted in the cryptic illustration also had to be sung. Each department vied to be the one that could answer most questions. The principal, Ms Handa, as well as the Headmistresses, Ms Srishti Bajaj and Ms Shalini Tandon were roped in to play. Many other interesting games such as guessing the names of Doordarshan serials from the music, singing a song in the tune of another. Laughter and joyful interjections marked every activity. The art department was not behind in devising entertaining games for the evening.


As the evening drew to a close, the Headmistresses, Ms Srishti Bajaj and Ms Shalini Tandon shared their thoughts and memories about their “connect” with GDGPS, Sector 48. Ms Shalini Tandon thanked the management and staff members for the opportunity for togetherness. CONNECT 2021 was greatly enjoyed by everyone as could be gathered by the joyful reactions not just on the screen but also from the messages in the chat box.