(MAY 13, 2021)

The greatest joy in life is found in not only what we teach our children but also in our unseen labour and quiet hopes for them!’

At GDGPS, uncertain times call for a show of extraordinary strength and resilience. The two-week long COEP has been an important step in the enhancement of our virtual curriculum. The fundamental objective behind these sessions was to focus on personality enhancement, confidence building, development of special skills and to foster a sense of responsibility and accountability in the students. An array of activities such as creative compositions, role plays, Mothers’day and family day celebrations, animal yoga, energisers, online MCQ based quizzes, jam board, share & express, interesting concepts such as biomes, geometry in daily life, covid potentials and precautions, theme-based songs and dance sequences were all reflective of the enthusiasm and zeal of the learners as well as facilitators. Daily enriching morning sessions commenced with power of prayers. The healing verses and positive affirmations everyday strengthened the hope and conveyed the message of faith in God and goodwill for everyone around.

The headmistress, Ms Srishti Bajaj also complimented the students and facilitators for the spectacular display of skills and talents and motivated them to continue with the ardent spirit to learn and excel.

Rendering a befitting conclusion to the fun filled COEP activities was an informal one on one discussion with the children and parents wherein they shared their learning and experience of participating in the COEP.