(SEPTEMBER 01 TO 15, 2021)

Underlining the indispensable role of a school in imparting and sensitizing the students about the crucial importance of cleanliness and hygiene, both at home and in school, our school, laying the foundation of its approach on the directives suggested by CBSE, observed ‘Cleanliness Drive for Swachh Bharat – Swachhata Pakhwada’ from September 01 to September 15, 2021 on a virtual platform.

The school’s focus during this drive, in continuation with its prior commitment towards the importance of imparting education to the students on cleanliness, was to successfully implement and educate the Goenkans on how to keep their surrounding clean and support the environment for a ‘Swachh Bharat’, especially during the Covid related times. This drive was launched, as directed by CBSE, with the highlighting of three main components of precautionary practices of diligent washing of hands with soap, wearing of a mask and apt social distancing along with the 3Ts (trace, testing and treatment). The students were reminded and educated about these good practice components on a virtual mode through engaging them in various drive-driven activities, as proposed by CBSE, on demarcated days. 

Goenkans stood well informed through activities like poster making, in-depth and interactive sessions on the importance of hygiene and cleanliness on ‘Swachhata Awareness Day’, ‘Shapath’ taking ceremony on ‘Swachhata Shapath Day’, where the young citizens of tomorrow pledged to take the cleanliness drive forward and observe all precautionary practices in good faith, a plantation drive based on ‘Green School Drive Day’ which sensitized them towards the need of saving the environment through trees and a plethora of cleanliness-awareness activities ranging from teaching them the right way to wash hands on ‘Hand Wash Day’, to coaching them on how to impact the community they live in, on ‘Community Outreach Day’, to upholding and being aware of the tenants of personal hygiene on ‘Personal Hygiene Day’ and collective collaboration to make this drive more meaningful and target-oriented on ‘Swachhata Action Plan Days’ and ‘Swachhata Participation Days’. The enthused and diligently framed collective and collaborative work by the driven Goenkans was showcased in the form of a school exhibition during the ‘Swachhata School Exbhition Day’ as guided by CBSE. This drive proved a milestone in revisiting and emphasizing the importance of cleanliness on all parameters for the young Goenkans.