(MAY 30 TO JUNE 04, 2022)

Observing that regular schooling, comprising the development of scholastic and co scholastic competencies, may fall short of nurturing life skills in students; GDGPS Sector 48 Gurugram took the responsibility of imparting essential life skills & real-life application of concepts and igniting creativity & a resilient spirit in students by formulating a special one-week summer program, naming it as Centre of Excellence Program (COEP). The programme ensured that the learning process continued even when formal schooling was not running. COEP focused on honing latent skills in those around us with the primary focus being on the student body.


COEP 2022 was based on four pillars namely Education, Healthcare, Environment and Heritage. The student body was encouraged to focus on any one of these pillars and hone their skills. Students were encouraged to make informed choices on the basis of their clubs in the academic session. COEP 2022-23 included academic sessions and skill-based sessions, research work and creating products under the guidance of teachers, field trips and interaction with experts and culminated in the form of Kaushal Mela 2022 on June 04, 2022.


Our mentor and our leader, Mrs Anuradha Handa, the school principal, who has guided us at every step of our journey towards learning and achieving, inaugurated the Kaushal Mela on the culmination day. The Kaushal Mela witnessed the presence of Ms Yasmin Contractor from INTACH and Mr Krishna Kumar Gaur & his team from Blue Planet.


A wide array of entertaining activities such as dances, games, etc were showcased by our Kushal Goenkans. The Goenkans equipped with their positive attitude, sharp thinking and beautiful smiles experienced the diverse nature of our country, our rich heritage and returned to the very roots. The active and enthusiastic Goenkan parents encouraged and appreciated the Kushal Goenkans. COEP 2022 created a buzz around the city with the Goenkans performing on foot tapping numbers, singing folk songs and spreading awareness through nukkad nataks.