(JULY 23, 2021)

As the Resource Person for CBSE, Principal Ms Anuradha Handa took the educators through the Theory of Constructivism and how constructivism in Education is the key to raising intrinsically motivated learners.

Highlighting the fact that Constructivism is a theory in education that recognizes ‘that learners construct new understandings and knowledge, integrating with what they already know, including knowledge gained prior to entering school’, Ms Handa emphasized that learning is an active process undertaken by the learner. When a teacher adopts a constructivist approach to teaching, she builds on the prior knowledge on a child. It is therefore imperative that a teacher knows the learning level as well as the learning style of a child.

Ms Handa also took the attendees through a comparative analysis of a traditional and constructivist classroom. Drawing forth examples from her own three decades of teaching experience, she helped everyone gain a deeper understanding of the concept through exemplars. She concluded by sharing how a teacher has to play various roles of a facilitator, subject expert, evaluator and coach, that results in children developing 21 century skills. 

The participants expressed their deep appreciation for the insightful and informative session that concluded with a beautiful quote “If an egg is broken by an outside force, life end. If it is broken by an inside force, life begins. Great things always begin from the inside.”