(NOVEMBER 03 TO 05, 2022)


Millennium India Education Foundation (MIEF) in collaboration with the Department of Science & Technology Govt. of India organised Online  Capacity Building Workshop for Teachers of Classes 5-10 on Life Sciences . This three day workshop was held online on Google meet. The objective of this workshop was to build capacity in the teachers so that they in turn can replicate the knowledge gained in their respective classes and make learning Science easier and simpler for their students. The resources persons for the workshop were, Dr. Pratibha Yadav, Dr. Romilla Rawat, Dr. Vandana Kumari Singh, Dr. Monika Kaul and Dr. Indradeep Kaur.


On the day 1, Morphology of flower, and low-cost experiments which can be conducted in the class was explained, that included Tetrazolium Test (to study a pollen viability) and In vitro pollen germination (using hanging drop method).


On the day 2, the teachers learned about mnemonic concepts for example Mitosis’s phase, Various ways of IVF like ZIFT, ICSI, FREEZING, WOMB TRANSPLANTATION etc.

and PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis)


The day 3 included the discussion on Fertilizers and pest control, about PGR’s- plant growth regulators, Biocontrol agents.


Overall it was a great learning experience for all the teachers.