(JANUARY 09, 2021)

Under the able guidance of the school principal Ms Anuradha Handa, all the staff members of G D Goenka Public School Sec-48, Gurgram collectively went under an extensive training on constructive application of pedagogical mapping by integrating interdisciplinary, art integration and experiential learning. The session was conducted by senior leadership of school whereby teachers were made to revisit and learn the application based approach offered by CBSE for preparing a more learner centered teacher and not a chalk and board one.

The session focused at length on the ways and need of integrating knowledge, application and learning for a learner centered classroom and making students learn beyond the textbook. The session further was followed by presentations from all the three wings where they presented a sampler of the expected model Annual Planner to be prepared for the enitre school for all the subjects to be used as a role model of teaching lesson plan.

The session culminated by watching the documentary created by Forbes India on top 40 educationists of India whereby popular Indian writer Chetan Bhagat had interviewed Ms Anuradha Handa. The documentary emphasised on her experience as an educationist and also as a principal of the organisation GDGPS Sec-48.

The teachers indeed learnt massively through the extensively planned workshop and are better prepared for a future ready classroom.