(FEBRUARY 19, 2022)


Neeraj Sharma, the school Librarian Attended a workshop on February 19, 2022. The wokshop was organized by School Library Association-Professional Learning Circle (SLA-PLC) on the topic ‘Build Stronger Engagement Through Books’, as Ministry of Education is emphasizing on Foundational Literacy through their campaigns like 100 Days Reading Campaign, and  expertise in literacy and language arts.


The session was facilitated by Ms Richa Sethi (Founder CEO, GetLitt) and Ms Tarika Nalwa (Programme Lead, GetLitt). Ms. Neeraj Sharma was the moderator of the session. Librarians across India attended the workshop. The motto of the workshop was to share the process of deriving meaningful learning and engagement through books, how to create activities based on Books to empower readers with skills of Language, Arts and Expression‘.


It was a very informative session.