(5TH AUGUST 2022)

‘When we strive to make the impossible possible, it is certainly the phase where we surge ahead in all our endeavours.’

With the same belief in mind, the students of class VII-B organised an assembly on the topic ‘Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win.The assembly commenced with a morning prayer to thank God for this eternal life, through our prayers. This was followed by the inspiring thoughts and the news updates by the Goenkan reporters. The students recited poems on the theme and also shared the successful stories of great personalities like Dr Kalam and Mr Adani who followed their dreams. If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride, you will never quit, you will be a winner. The price of victory is high but so are the rewards. This message was spread across through a theatre performance. Dance is the most beautiful form of expression of human’s feelings. Dancers are the messengers of the gods. The stupendous musical performance which was a collaboration of music and dance was every bit exquisite and therefore bagged applauds and appreciations from all.


The winners of the Olympiads and House competitions were felicitated for their achievements. The assembly came to its finale with the students delivering a vote of thanks to their mentors. This assembly was undoubtedly a result of the immense efforts put together by students and their teachers. It was once again proved that when students and teachers work together they surely create masterpieces.