(AUGUST 08, 2022)


Time management is the strategy of planning out your available time and controlling the amount of time you spend on specific tasks in order to work more efficiently. Effective time management comes easier to some people than to others, but everyone can develop habits to improve their time management skills.


To convey this message, the students of class VI- B organised an assembly on the topic ‘Time Management is life management’.

The assembly commenced with a morning prayer followed by the inspiring thoughts and the news updates by the Goenkan reporters. The students presented a skit depicting the need and importance of time management in life. The students recited a poem ‘Time is precious, time is true’, indicating that valuing time is one of the most important aspects of life.  To inculcate the habit of time management in the students was attempted to reinforce through this assembly.


The class VI winners of Inter House competitions were felicitated in the assembly. The anchors concluded the assembly with a message that time plays a critical role in our lives. If we understand the value of time, it can help us organise ourselves to make the most of the opportunities we have.