(MAY 09, 2024)


Sunshine and warmth filled the assembly hall as the young learners of KG D presented a delightful assembly centered around the theme of the “Summer season”. The assembly commenced with a serene prayer, invoking blessings followed by the melodious rendition of the school anthem, uniting hearts in harmony.


Through their innocent yet insightful portrayal, students captured the essence of summer, depicting its vibrant colors, refreshing activities, and the joy it brings to everyone. From frolicking at the beach to enjoying icy treats, the skit painted a vivid picture of the season's delights, evoking smiles and fond memories among the audience.


Adding to the charm of the assembly, the students showcased their talent through various performances, including cheerful songs and lively dances, all inspired by the spirit of summer. Their energy was contagious, spreading a wave of enthusiasm throughout the audience and infusing the atmosphere with a sense of joy and excitement.


In her address, the Headmistress commended the efforts of the young performers and emphasized the importance of embracing each season with appreciation and joy. She encouraged the students to explore and cherish the wonders of summer while staying safe and responsible.