(OCTOBER 22, 2021)

‘Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle and the life of the candle will not be shortened.’

There is no joy in life like the joy of sharing. Happiness always increases on sharing.  So, let’s be a candle and light many lives. With this thought, the students of class 3 presented a power-packed performance on the topic- ‘Sharing is Caring.’

A day without a prayer is a day without blessings, so to seek the blessings of the Lord Almighty, the assembly began with a soulful prayer followed by inspirational thoughts based on the topic. The Goenkan reporters updated everyone about the latest happenings around the world and in GDGPS. Students gave a glimpse of the contribution made by famous personalities like Mother Teresa, Sonu Sood to name a few who have been generous and been a philanthropist to light up others life.

The Goenkans shared that ‘Together we can make everything possible’. Sharing doesn’t necessarily mean material things alone. We can show our care towards others by giving our time, a helping hand, or a smile, or simply by lending an ear and listening to someone in need.”

The assembly was fuelled with enthusiasm of students as they recited poem, danced to the tunes of foot tapping songs. The assembly left everyone spellbound with their inspirational thought and performances.