“Perseverance is strength. In every sphere of endeavour, people who continue to make steady efforts, win out in the end. When you hit a wall. Challenge yourself with a dauntless spirit.”


Patience gives you the ability to convince. “If you are a patient person then no problem can shiver you. With this pacifying thought, the students of class IV G, H and I presented a mesmerizing assembly on the topic- ‘Patience and Perseverance.’

Prayers are what helps us in maintaining patience. To start the day with the blessings from almighty the assembly began with a soulful prayer followed by inspirational thoughts based on the topic. The Goenkan reporters updated everyone about the latest happenings around the world and in GDGPS Sec-48. The Goenkan reporter with great pride shared that India has started vaccinating children for Covid-19. They also shared the now Amar Jawan Jyoti has been merged with the National War Memorial flame.

The Goenkan are all geared up enthusiastically for the Eco-Ethics; our commitment to sustainability, presentation in the upcoming weeks of February and for The Term-2 Cycle-2 House Competitions. The 100-day reading campaign is being observed in our school by conducting weekly activities in classes for creating a joyful reading experience. The intra class Goenkan Techfusion competition was also launched for the children to showcase their IT skills.

The students narrated an extremely motivating poem to delve deep into the topic. They took inspiration from nature. How nature teaches us to allow time for things to unfold. To further absorb the topic students showcased a power packed performance through a theatrical performance, an inspiring story of an ant. Students also shared a few tips on being patient.


“Trials and challenges that are sprinkled through life's journey teach us patience.” Keeping this motto in their mind they sang a beautiful song to lift up everyone’s spirit. The assembly was fueled with enthusiasm of students as they sang and danced to the tunes of foot tapping songs. The assembly left everyone spellbound with their inspirational thoughts and performances.

To further enlighten us our mentor, our headmistress Mrs. Srishti Bajaj addressed the assembly with a very inspiring and profound poem, Koshish Karne Walon Ki Haar Nahi Hoti. She quoted, “struggling against all the difficulties helps us to achieve positive and dynamic growth.” 

The assembly instilled a feeling of never giving up and not being limited by time constraints with a mantra, “Patience and perseverance make an unbeatable combination for success.