(JANUARY 14, 2022)

Every day is a new opportunity to begin again. With this thought the students of Class VII came together to present the first assembly of this year on the topic ‘New start- Fresh beginnings.’ The assembly commenced with the morning prayer which is believed to provide peace and serenity to our minds and souls. This was followed by sharing the thought for the day, reading the news and yoga presentation propagating good health.


     Through a simple yet a highly insightful skit, the assembly delivered a strong message

     that nobody can go  back and  start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and

     make it a new ending. Falling is normal and a painful part of life, but getting up takes

     courage and it’s a glorious part of living. This was followed by creative corner

     presentation where little hands and imaginative minds came together in a creative burst of

    “Best out of waste”.


     The guest speaker Mr. Sharma, gave an inspirational talk on how common man can

     achieve uncommon goals by being focussed and motivated. This was followed by a

     beautiful group dance. The assembly ended with poem presentation in Hindi and English.  


     The school headmistress, Ms. Shalini Tandon was glad to see the students perform. She

     appreciated and motivated them with her encouraging words. The assembly was also

     graced by the school Principal, Ms. Anuradha Handa. She motivated the students to be

     hopeful and move ahead with greater momentum to fulfil their dreams and aspirations.