“Learning to stand in someone else's shoes, to see through their eyes, that’s how peace begins. And it’s up to you to make that happen. Empathy is a quality of character that can change the world.” –Barack Obama.



Intuitive nurtureres of empathy, the young and sensitive Goenkans of class 8 A, B and C, the. brought to light the core meaning of the word ‘empathy’, in a beautifully and thoughtfully architectured class assembly based on the beautifully tender yet empowering topic ‘Empathy –The Salient Lifeskill’ on 30th July 2021, knowing that we might forget to empathize in the daily grind for it is true that we all nurture empathy in our hearts, but just shy away from the courage to show it. The assembly commenced with the rendation of the ‘Gaytri Mantra’ and a prayer followed by a message of standing in solidarity during the pandemic-hit times. This message was supported by the students, along with the gracious presence of their parents and grandparents, highlighting the importance of following the Covid protocols and ensuring health through informative videos, guidance through yoga poses and meditation and enactments. The next was keeping everyone aware through the news around the world and the most sought after Goenkan News followed by the Thought of the Day based on the theme of the assembly.


The students kept the flag of ‘Empathy Matters’ high in the air by creatively demonstrating the difference between sympathy and empathy to the audience and leading them to a better understanding of empathy by demonstrating examples through a movie clip, a ‘nukkad natak’ and by singing a song based on empathy. The special guest of the day, Captain Bishnoi, a proud Goenkan parent, motivated the students by sharing his own experiences in life wherein he felt empowered upon receiving empathy and its importance. The brevity of this theme was further enhanced through the address by respected Principal ma’am and the Vote of Thanks by respected Headmistress ma’am. The assembly drew to its culmination with the Goenkans reminding everyone about being kind, being compassionate and above all being empathetic.