(APRIL 29, 2022)

It is right saidMotivation gets you going, but discipline keeps you growing.’

Discipline plays a vital role in the life of every individual. In sync with this, a class assembly was organised by the students of class VIII-B on the topic “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments’’. The assembly commenced with the Gayatri mantra and English prayer followed by inspiring thoughts in English, Hindi and French. The budding reporters presented the National news, International news, Sports news, Weather report and Campus news. The students staged a song and a skit which depicted the theme of the assembly. The creative presentation engaged the audience and left them with food for thought.

 The school Principal, Ms. Anuradha Handa applauded the efforts of the students and inspired them to follow discipline in life. She facilitated Spanditita Mishra students of class VII for her outstanding performance in the ‘Inter School Photography Competition”. The Head Mistress, Ms. Shalini Tandon blessed the students and urged them to inculcate discipline to accomplish their goals.