(JANUARY 28, 2022)

Finding happiness and cherishing the goodness of life even when life’s ship moves in troubled waters is a sign that the human mind has achieved the state of enlightenment and illumination. 

In an attempt to make the young learners reflect and ponder over their blessings in life, develop the right and positive attitude to appreciate the same, students of Grade III - GD GOENKA PUBLIC SCHOOL, Sector 48 Gurugram had put up a virtual Class assembly on the theme ‘Count Your Blessings.’

The Assembly commenced with the prayer song and positive affirmations. A short inspirational video by students motivated everyone to feel grateful and be thankful all the time for all the favors received so far. This was followed by a video presentation of students revealing what they are grateful for in their lives. It made everyone realize how fortunate they are and the attitude of practising gratitude is what would keep them striding ahead even in difficult situations in life. The presentation laid emphasis on practicing gratefulness, looking at the positive side of life and remaining appreciative all the time.

The assembly was concluded with the address of the headmistress, Ms. Srishti Bajaj. She reiterated the concept of practicing thankfulness and inspired everyone to lead a joyful life acknowledging all the valuable treasures of life. The hard work and sincere efforts of all the students and teachers were well appreciated and highly acclaimed by her.