(MAY 10, 2022)

Books play a quintessential role in every student’s life as they open a world of imagination for them. Through the assembly, the students of Class IX A highlighted the importance of books. The assembly started with a prayer to seek blessing from the Almighty, to open our minds to new thoughts and hopes. It was followed by thoughts in English and Hindi to support the theme and proceeded further with news updates around the globe. 

Students came up with a theatrical presentation wherein they conveyed that books are our best friends as they teach us positive value, stimulate our minds, improve vocabulary and many more to add. Students used the concept of time machine. A student from 2050 came to our times to borrow books as there were no books available in the future  emphasizing the rising importance and dependability to E-World. 

The Prefect for Writing and Research club, was also invited on the podium to share his thoughts. He stressed on a very important point that reading helps us to develop our imagination and thoughts. That is the best way to education. Towards the end, the students were left with thoughts as to start with class libraries. The students were motivated to read more so that they develop qualities like empathy and patience. The school Principal spoke for the same, motivating students to keep reading books and closed the assembly.