(NOVEMBER 22, 2022) 

The person who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The person who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever seen before.” - Albert Einstein

Expressing the thought of generating tremendous courage to be different from others and in the process of being looked up to by people around, as we go setting higher examples of how to maneuver roadblocks into milestones of success, the students of class IX B presenting a thought-provoking assembly on 22nd November 2022 titled ‘Being Different - Be a Hero.’ Providing food for thought to the audience, the Goenkans of IX B commenced the assembly with a ritualistic prayer, followed by affirmations shared as the Thought of the Day. The news section covered all the happenings around us including the announcements and updates of the accolades won by the Goenkans in the School News. Student Council members took this assembly as an opportunity to revisit and revise the school rules with all present. Students further expounded on the importance and relevance of being different and introduced to the audience a few ‘unsung heroes’ who dared to be different from societal norms and expectations and carved a niche for themselves. An address by the guest speaker Ms. Pratyaksha Sharma, a real estate professional turned dance mentor, inspired the students to think beyond the obvious and take out-of-the-box decisions. An empowering thematic dance performance based on the theme ‘Kuch Kar Dikha’, enthralled the audience and was further accentuated by a poetry recitation by the Goenkans of class IX B. 

The Creative Corner showcased the painting and creative writing pieces etched by the students of the class and this was followed by a musical presentation by two students of their talent on the tabla and guitar. Address by Headmistress Shalini ma’am sealed the flavor of the assembly wherein she guided the students further and encouraged them to be fearless, courageous, and to be different.