(MAY 08, 2024)


The assembly hall echoed with enthusiasm as Class II D orchestrated an assembly dedicated to combating bullying. The ambiance was set with a serene prayer invoking the blessings of the divine, followed by the spirited rendition of our school anthem, instilling a sense of pride and unity among the attendees.


The assembly commenced with the customary news update, keeping everyone abreast of current events. Through a skit, children portrayed the detrimental effects of bullying. Their performance was not just an act but a mirror reflecting the significance of kindness and empathy.


Adding rhythm to the cause, the students captivated the audience with a dynamic dance, spreading the message of anti-bullying through graceful movements and vibrant expressions.


In her address, Headmistress Mrs. Harmeet Kaur, applauded the efforts of the young performers. She emphasized the importance of imbibing the values showcased in the assembly and urged every student to become ambassadors of kindness in their daily lives.


The assembly concluded on a note of inspiration and empowerment, leaving an unforgettable mark on the hearts and minds of all present. Through creativity and conviction, Class II D demonstrated that even the smallest gestures can spark significant change in our society.