(OCTOBER 01, 2022)


GDGPS Sector 48, Gurugram celebrated its Annual Day on the theme - SWARAJ SHIV JANANI in two slots on Saturday, 1st October, 2022 amidst great splendour, mirth and zest. The programme commenced with the welcome of the guests followed by the lighting of the Ceremonial lamp by the School Chairman, Mr. Vipul Garg, accompanied by the Principal and other eminent dignitaries. The Principal, Ms Anuradha welcomed the guests and the gathering and shared the School’s achievements through the Annual Report of the past session. Amidst sparkling lights and a myriad of hues, The Annual Production of GDGPS Sector 48, Gurugram took place wherein the timeless life story of Shivaji was brought to life on the stage through an amalgamation of lilting voices and graceful dances. Clad in vivid ensembles, a troupe of actors put up a resplendent promenade. The school put up a specially constructed stage, with exceptional lighting and sound effects and an LED screen portraying the backdrop of each scene. Coupled with live music and singing, the ambience was electrifying and provided the perfect environment for the SWARAJ SHIV JANANI, dance, music and theatrical presentation. The rich display of  innovation, creativity, colour, vibrant costumes, dance, music and light left the audience spellbound.  As many as 800 students, the complete strength of the middle and senior wing performed and captured the audience’s imagination with the delightful storyline and performances.


The influence of a mother in the lives of her children is beyond calculation. There is nothing more powerful, yet sublime, than Motherhood. The life-story of Chhatrapati Shivaji, India's quintessential war hero, is a living testimony of the power of parenting and how it shapes the life and destiny of a child. Jija bai  taught him the  skills of swordsmanship, use of spear, horse riding and self defence, moulding Shivaji into an indomitable  warrior. It was the training of his mother that enabled Chhatrapati Shivaji to establish a Hindu Kingdom in the teeth of Mughal opposition. By taking up the story of his life as the dance theatrical presentation, the school has endeavoured to turn the spotlight on the significant role that parents, teachers and mentors play in the life of a child. While the school is certain that our children will be inspired by all that Shivaji stood for; we are also hopeful that the production will help us introspect and understand that, how children turn out as they grow up, ultimately depends upon how we raise them.


The annual school exhibition ‘Myriads of Creativity’ put up be teachers and students was a visual and aesthetic display of the school's academic endeavours, creative depictions, initiatives, programmes and accolades. The installations are a representation of the creative genius of our students. The exhibition also depicts creatively the story of the protagonist of our main production, Chattarpati Shivaji Maharaj and is a visual treat to behold.


Music can change the world, said Beethoven. The power of music transcends all barriers and brings everyone together. Sometimes, music is the only medicine that one needs.  SAMVET, the Symphony of Cords and A EUPHONY OF EMOTIONS, the Western Choir, the instrumental and vocal music presentations of our children were an expression of their inner emotions; their dreams and aspirations.  The Middle and Senior Wing Headmistresses, Ms. Shalini Tandon and Ms Shikha Sharma in their Vote of Thanks, complimented the students and thanked them for making a dream come true. They added that putting up the Annual day had been a learning experience for everyone involved in the production. They also thanked everyone who had worked so hard to make the show a phenomenal success. The standing ovation, as well as the smile on the faces of the content audience, was a testament to the massive success of the event that left the school echoing with the sound of success.