(FEBRUARY 21, 2021)

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” - Lauren E

Following the current directives proposed by CBSE, AIL, that is, Art Integrated Learning, has always been a predominant part of the Goenkan pedagogy since long. To showcase the in-depth and concrete understanding and level of exploration of the same, class 7 of the Middle Wing of GDGPS, Sector 48, Gurugram, invited all the parents to its virtual AIL presentation on February. 21, 2021 on the e-platform of Youtube with an invigoratingly creative and informative AIL presentation titled ‘Dhara’ –The Boon of Aqua.

AIL is an innovatively unique platform for experiential merging of the academics with arts and it witnessed the Goenkans, in myriad hues of water, engaged in hands-on learning wherein they exhibited how they explore and understand the basics of a lesson through a multi-layered art integrated approach which makes learning permanent and enjoyable. ‘Dhara’ – The Boon of Aqua, a presentation which started on the auspicious note of the ceremonial digital lamp lighting on the virtual platform and chanting of shlokas, cascaded and flowed from one academic topic to another, while linking them all together through the creative forms of song, Indian classical dance, meditation, sports, and a skit, to bring out the importance of water and our umbilical connection to it spanning ages.

The presentation was made more substantial with a glimpse of the various CBSE workshops conducted by Principal ma’am and her vision of AIL along with an address by the Headmistress encompassing the same and boosting up the morale of the students while handholding the audience into the various programmes run by the school for holistic development. The Goenkans, with creative personification of water all across the presentation, brimmed with explaining the origin and the need for sustainability of water in their Science class and moved on to exploring the ‘Bhakti’ movement as a river passing by the banks of Varanasi in their Social Studies class to exploring the culture of Ladakh as a visual travelogue dressed as river Indus in their English class till they swirled into the magical world of Triangles and Warli art in their Math class with a focus on the traditions of Telangana and continued to bubble till they excitedly presented a skit based on the importance of water in our body in their Hindi and Sanskrit class.

The presentation ended with a Vote of Thanks by the Headmistress and with the sharing of two links based on Google Forms for student enrichment and parent feedback based on the presentation. The presentation was well appreciated by the parents and the learning was immense and permanent.