(21 FEBRUARY 2021)

‘Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate.’

Arts Integration is the connective pathway toward reaching and teaching every child. The students have a spark of creativity and vivid imagination that need training which prepares them to become confident member of society. The art integration with academic subjects supports the students to express their ideas and emotions. The students develop all the senses through keen observation, curious exploration and spontaneous expression.

The Art Integration presentation by the students of class VI titled ‘Bharat Ek Khoj’ resonated with the same reassuring sentiment on the platform of GDGPS, Sector-48, Gurugram. The presentation commenced with chanting of mantras and morning prayer followed by a warm welcome by the headmistress Ms. Shalini Tandon. She appreciated and praised the devotion and perseverance of Goenkans who are the leaders of tomorrow. The virtual presentation included the glimpses of the sessions and CBSE workshops conducted by the honourable Principal, Ms. Anuradha Handa, for the educators across the country where she gave a deep insight about the need of Experiential Learning and the Importance of Art Integration in academics.

The Art Integration presentation provided a platform to the students in which they were engaged in a concrete strategy and with the support of their teachers integrated Social Science with visual arts and made their learning interactive and relevant to their daily lives. The Concept of Bones and Joints in Science was presented through a temple dance Bharatnatyam where students showcased the use of different bones and joints by a dancer while performing a dance. Performing art was incorporated with Hindi, English and French language where students exhibited a theatrical presentation on the life of Jhansi Ki Rani based on a Hindi poem of their curriculum. The musical presentation of an English story and a dance performance on a French song were an amalgamation of art and languages in which the students unleashed the rising tide of academic achievement. The students learnt the concept of decimals in Math through a Nukkad Natak in which they displayed the importance of decimals and its use in our daily lives. While preparing the presentations, the students learnt more about their country as highlighted in NEP 2020 and the partner states Haryana and Telangana as a part of the program titled “Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat’

The presentation concluded with the inspiring words of our dear headmistress. She appreciated the hard work and dedication of the students and acknowledged the sincere efforts of the students who were the part of the editing team and culminated the presentation. Art Integration Presentation provided an enriching and creative experience to the students which they will cherish forever.