At GDGPS, Sec 48, learners explore creatively while building connections between different concepts through various art forms. Art experiences, both in visual and performing arts (music, dance, theatre, art& craft etc.) lead to a better understanding and construction of knowledge about different concepts. 

Therefore, Art Integrated Learning presentations have been an integral part of the GDGPS curriculum. To encourage our young Goenkans to study about the diverse culture of our country and enhance their knowledge of India's incredible heritage, we dedicated the entire month of September to the theme-Incredible India.

Unblocking all limitations of the current scenario, the young learners of Nursery -II gave a stupendous performance to culminate their virtual ‘AIL Presentation’ on October 01, 2021.The presentation brought forth the unique features of India and how our country is making progress in every field. Students presented facts about India and its various landforms, culture, traditional sports and attires. Children made various props using clay modelling, sketching, craft work and integrated technology in the form of google slides, digital posters etc to present their understanding of the topics assigned to them. 

This fest spread the waves of patriotism and gave the students a golden opportunity to showcase their patriotism. It was evident that celebrating one’s love for the country is a continuous process.

Headmistress Ms Srishti Bajaj visited the virtual classrooms and applauded the effort put in by the children and appreciated the individual guidance that was provided to each child. It was a delightful and a great learning experience for all.